Friday, 3 March 2017

Springfields, Spalding, Linconshire

I had seen a link to Springfields on Facebook so we decided to check it out.  It is a shopping center made up of around 50 shops, restaurants and cafes, there is a separate car park to the side costing £1 for up to 2 hours or £2 for all day (as at 28/2/17).  The shopping area is pedestrianised and there is a water feature with two fountains and gardens at the rear.  Unfortunately it was a grey, cold day when we visited so I did not take that many photos, but it gives you an idea of what is there.

For my Turkish friends the layout is very similar to the Forums at Kusadasi and Aydin,

The short walk from the car park.

This is the main street that runs from the car park towards the gardens, there are then other streets that branch off from this.

"Pick your poison" or in this case coffee or tea, there are plenty to choose from.  They can be found in the The Craft Outlet.

Beyond the water fountains you can see The Craft Cafe which has activities for the little ones and where you can enter the gardens.

The water fountains had a sign with a clock on it telling you when they have different water displays throughout the day.

Where there is water you will find ducks and Springfields is no exception.  This one was a bit upset with me, I had in my handbag for my spare camera battery, he though I had food!

The gardens are split up into smaller gardens each designed by a different gardener plus a wooded area with a miniature railway running thorough it.  Because it is the end of February the gardens are still recovering from the cold but there are still items of interest.

We have now left the themed gardens and are walking through the wooded area, in another couple of weeks these will look lovely there are loads of bulbs starting to come up.

Just watch where you walk as you cross the miniature railway tracks in several places.

The miniature Iris were showing their lovely colours.

Here is a link to the Springfields website for more info:

From Roseberry TouristPark, Earith Rd, Willingham CB24 5LT
To Springfields Outlet Shopping & Festival Gardens, Camel Gate, Spalding PE12 6EU
Map from Roseberry TouristPark, Earith Rd, Willingham CB24 5LT to Springfields Outlet Shopping & Festival Gardens, Camel Gate, Spalding PE12 6EU

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