Thursday, 8 September 2016

Johnsons Of Old Hurst Revisited

Johnsons Of Old Hurst with its farm shop, butchers, cafe, restaurant and animals is a good place to while away a few hours, whether you are young or old.

Today's visit started off with a bacon and sausage baguette and a pot of tea in the cafe before heading off armed with my camera to say hello to the animals.

First stop was to the Crocodile house to catch a glimpse of the baby crocs.  We spotted two, although they were quite difficult to see as they were laying quite close to the window and the light was reflecting off the glass.  But with the help of Ian to provide some shade I managed to get this shot.

Mrs Pot Bellied Pig was proudly showing off her week old piglets.

Judging by this shot, the two 'humbug' coloured piglets in the centre appear to be the males!  You can also see who is the runt of the litter.

Mum almost looks like she is laying there with a smile on her face.

This large bird with its long orange beak is a European White Stork.

These little cuties are Ring-tailed Coati and are native to South Africa.  But don't be fooled, just watch out if they have a disagreement with each other, they really get verbal.

These are a family of Raccoon Dogs native to East Asia.  To start off with they were all very sleepy.

Then one or two of them started to get curious.

Even Joey the Kangaroo was laying there yawning away.

They are several Long Eared Rabbits about.

These are some cute little deer, but I am not sure what type they are?

This little Parrot was very friendly and kept following us around the cage.  It loved having his photo taken.

Ian was having a conversation with the Parrot.

This is a Reeves Pheasant, native to China.

This very unusual bird is a Grey-necked Wood Rail or Grey Cowled Wood Rail native to Central and South America.

The grey Parrot was keeping a beady eye on us.

One of the many Emu to be found on site, native to Australia.

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