Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Yesterday we went to Peterborough a cathedral city in Cambridgeshire, for some Christmas shopping, but while we were there I could not resist taking one or two photos.  The first thing I found unusual with the centre of Peterborough is that despite having a Cathedral there is a church within view, down the same street.  St John The Baptist was constructed in 1407, it was built using materials from the first parish church on this site dating back to 1229.

The church is located in Cathedral Square, along with the Guildhall or Butter Cross, it was constructed between 1669 and 1671 and was the headquarters of the town council until 1933.

Here we can see the new Christmas tree which has made headlines this year as it cost 40,000 pounds and is a bit too modern for some people.

Sandwiched between Starbucks and NatWest its the West Gate of Peterborough Cathedral, you can see the towers peering over the top.  A monastry was founded on this site back in 654AD, the present day Cathedral was built between 1118 and 1238 after the previous one was destroyed by fire.

Everywhere you look there is evidence of the history and age of Peterborough especially when you look up at the tops of the buildings.  This weather vane sits on top of the HSBC Bank building, the initials LC & MB refers to the London City and Midland Bank who resided in this building back in 1902.

Here we can see the clock face on the top of the building housing the NatWest Bank, which was constructed around 1929.

We are now standing outside the Town Hall which was constructed in 1933 and is still in use today.

For lunch we decided to have a bratwurst sausage, something I always associate with Christmas Markets, I love the hut that has been constructed for Christmas.

The Christmas decorations in the Queensgate Shopping Centre where quite subtle, but work really well,

Father Christmas certainly has a posh residence, very imaginative.

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