Friday, 30 October 2015

Kings Lynn, Norfolk

We had a shopping trip to Kings Lynn in Norfolk and I took my camera along to take a few shots of the immediate area.

Here we are looking up at the twin tours of King's Lynn Minster, formerly St Margaret's Church, a Grade I listed parish church.  The church was established by Herbert de Losinga Bishop of Norwich in 1095 to serve a Benedictine Priory.

Across the Saturday Market Place from the church you can see where one of the buildings has dropped considerably at one end.

As I was looking around at the buildings a man asked me if I would like him to take my photo.  To get this shot he stood in the middle of the road, as luck would have it the car to come round the corner was a photographer (it said so on the side of his car), he stopped his car and the traffic behind him so my photo could be taken.  Did I feel important.  I am standing outside the Town Hall and Trinity Guildhall.  It is recorded that the Guildhall was damaged by fire on the 23rd January 1421, so the building is older than this date.

This is the towns Gaol House (jail), built in 1784 and still containing the original cells, which had contained smugglers, witches and highwaymen in history.

One of the shop fronts on the market place had some antique barber shop items displayed in it, the shots are not brilliant as I could not reduce the glare, but there was some interesting items on display.

I took this photo for my husband as he has played most of the Tomb Raider computer games.

and of course with Halloween just around the corner, you don't have to go far to find a shop window decorated up.

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