Thursday, 29 October 2015


Halloween is now celebrated around the world on the 31st October every year.  Also known as Allhalloween, All Hallow's Eve and All Saint's Eve is the eve of the All Hallow's Day a Western Christian Feast, remembering the dead, including saints (martyrs) and all the departed faithful believers.

Artifacts and symbols associated with Halloween have appeared over time, the main one being the Jack-o-lantern which were traditionally carried by guisers (children going from door to door in disguise), to ward off evil spirits.

This our attempt at a carved pumpkin, nothing fancy just the typical face.

We brought our pumpkin from Lidgate Farm a friends farm who use Halloween to help them raise money for their charity 'Better Education for Children in Kenya'.  The farm offers 'pick your own fruit' during the summer and 'pick your own pumpkins and gourds' for Halloween.

I love the way when you go to pick your own fruit you are given a plastic box or cardboard tray to collect them in, here when you pick your own pumpkins you are given a penknife and a wheelbarrow!

I had never really noticed how many different colours of pumpkins and gourds there are available.

The farm decorates up and provides light refreshments to the families that turn up to pick their pumpkins.

Chris and her team are very creative, producing these pots of Halloween sweets, contained in knitted pots.

She did say they have to eat a lot of yoghurt throughout the year to be able to use the containers to support the knitting.

Here is John the owner of the farm with his new friend, who apparently had been frightening the life out of him every time he entered the barn where it was being stored.

Chris on her little tractor that they use to cart the pumpkins around.

The charity also sells gifts that are made locally in Kenya.

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