Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sheringham, Norfolk

A few shots from around the coastal resort of Sheringham on the Norfolk coast.

Last weekend Sheringham hosted a 40's Weekend, celebrating the 40's with several of the businesses decorating up and people wearing dress of the period.  The Lobster Public House traditionally takes part in these celebrations and this was this years decorations.

The central painting on the second floor features the characters of the hit TV show 'Allo Allo', the picture shows the main character Rene Artois, with his two love interest waitresses Maria Recamier and Yvette Carte-Blanche.

The other two pictures are characters from another hit TV series 'Dad's Army'.

The first picture shows the character Private James Frazer.

The other picture shows the character Sargent Arthur Wilson.

The entrance to this small indoor shopping centre was decorated up with flags and bunting celebrating a street party.

The hardware store Blythe and Wright has a large double front shop front which they had used to create a colourful display.

It is a lovely, clear, calm day down by the sea, a lovely day for September.

A bit distant to see, but a water skier was making the most of the flat sea.

When I am in Sheringham I love to have a pot of cockles, a shell fish harvested off these shores.

And if you want desert, this is a bright advert for one of the cafes.

Not a brilliant shot as it was hand held, but I wanted to capture a photo of the moon the night before its eclipse and it seemed fitting to have it next to the clock tower which stands in the centre of Sheringham.

I had to add a photo of a couple of items in my Mum & Dad's garden which my Dad is very proud of, firstly his cucumbers growing in his greenhouse....

and lastly a large sunflower, which he did admit was self sown, but which he has nurtured and has produced several flower heads.

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