Wednesday, 30 September 2015

East Runton Beach, Norfolk

Just down the road from the popular coastal resort of Sheringham is the small village of East Runton, which is very popular with walkers and dog walkers (out of season) for its large expanse of beach, when the tide is out!

The cliffs are very unstable here and you really get a sense of how unstable when you see the static caravans that are perched on the top and how many of the concrete pads had already toppled over the edge.

On just this small section of cliff can be seen the nests of Sand Martins.  Sand Martins are the smallest of the Martins and Swallows and are are classed as amber status by the RSPB.

The way the receding sea cuts into the soft sand looks like the tendrils of a plants root system.

There is just one area of this vast expanse of beach which has an area containing a lot of flint as well as other stone, which captures the seaweed as it is washed over as the tide recedes.  The lone person negotiating the stones in the centre of the shot, gives you a sense of scale.

"I used to be a crab", the discarded shell of a crab that had outgrown its shell and shed it to grow another one.

You can now make out with better detail, the pier at Cromer which has been just visible in most of my shots.

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