Sunday, 29 March 2015

St Mary's Church, Southery, Norfolk

St Mary's Church is situated in the Nofolk village of Southery.  The church was built in 1858 to replace the original church, ruins of which, can be seen just down the road.

The church is constructed of Carstone slips and Bath stone dressing.  The bell housed in the tower dates back to 1747 and was originally in the earlier chruch.

The spire is classed as a broached spire and it has plate-tracery windows.

This is all that remains of the original Church of St Mary.  The church was Medieval, built of Carstone, Ashlar and brick, much of it was reused from other Norman buildings.  The north doorway dates from the 14th Century and the north wall to the 15th Century.  The church stopped being used in the mid 19th Century.  

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