Friday, 3 May 2013

A Few Shots Of The Cambridgeshire Fens, England

Having lived abroad for the past eight years, I have a new respect for the countryside around Cambridgeshire in England where I was born, raised and lived for the first 20 years of my married life.  I have countless photos of this area, but every time I return to visit family and friends I am drawn, with my camera, to take a walk and get my fix of the scenery.  At this point I have to add, that the shots came out better than I had expected, as although it looks a lovely day with the clear blue skies and sunshine, there was a bitterly easterly wind blowing, making it hard to keep the camera still, in my shaking, cold hands, but it was worth it, I hope you agree.

There is just something magical about the vast expanse of sky, sitting on top of the flat, open countryside, broken only by the next village, or belt of woods separating the farmers fields, with the odd tree standing looking over the scene.

Farm buildings always add to a shot with their varying colours, textures and state of repair, with the odd brambles or ivy trying to take over.

Oh look, there is the neighbours house in the distance!

In these flat farmlands you are never far away from water, be it a man made dyke or a natural river like this one, this section of the river is very straight, but it has many bends in it behind and up ahead of me.

I love the name of this bungalow, I wonder where all the snails are?

There is something about trees in winter, without their leaves, they create such interesting shapes.

I heard the Woodpecker pecking away in this area of trees, but sadly this was the only evidence I found, such a perfectly formed, pecked out, nest hole.

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