Thursday, 1 November 2012

On The Beach

Down at the beach the other day I was looking for things to take photos of other than just the beautiful scenery.  Once you start looking it is surprising what you can find.

We had had a storm the night before, with some very strong winds and rain.  This wooden post had had a wicker shade on top of it, but this had been blown off.  I love the look of the colours and textures of the the peeling paint and rope on the post.

I decided to play with perspective with this next shot.  This piece of driftwood laying on the beach was over 5 foot long and about as round as a saucer, but taking the shot as low to the ground as I could, makes it look almost like a pebble on the beach, until you notice that it is a lot longer than it first looks.

The sea and rain pounding on the beach had really compacted the sand from its usual soft texture and with the addition of tracks being left from the moving water gives some interesting texture to the sand.

Dead leaves always make for interesting shots.

Even trainer prints on the sand can make for some interesting patterns.

Boats always make for interesting shots, reflections of their names gave me another angle.

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