Saturday, 2 June 2012

Street Scenes Around Çeşme, Turkey

The coastal resort of Çeşme on the Aegean coast of Turkey is a lovely place to wander around enjoying the peace, sunshine and beautiful scenery.

OK, helmets - check, luggage - check, strong box - check, beer keg - check, where exactly do the rider and passenger sit?

This must be the way to Pansiyon Street.

Now here's a blast from the past, must have been an old police car, it was parked outside the police station.

This is one wonky looking street, nothing appears to be straight.

Walking along these streets, it was a job to know where to look, the shops were interesting, the buildings were interesting, do you look at street level, roof level, down each side street?

Lunch, tavuk şiş is always a winner.

This is one incredibly well loved Mini Cooper.

There are some lovely shady cafes to be found,

a good place to chill.

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