Friday, 1 June 2012

Buildings Around Çeşme, Turkey

There are some lovely buildings around Çeşme.  This one caught my eye because of the use of blue and white, these colours always look good together in a building and have a Greek feel about it.

This old building can be found at the back of one the squares to be found in Çeşme, even though it is in need of restoration, it has a charm about it.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

The other large building in this square is the Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bank with a statue of Atatürk in front.

Several of the buildings around here have wooden shutters and wooden bay windows, which add a real charm.  This one has been tastefully restored.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

Looks can be deceiving, this small looking building has a sign over the shop saying that it has floor space of 200 meters square.

You must remember to look up when you are walking around, if you are not careful you will miss some lovely images.

We came across this former Greek Orthodox church of Ayios Haralambos from the 15th Century, which is currently being renovated, in recent years it has been used as a temporary exhibition centre.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

As you walk around you will see several other restoration projects, some of them quite large.

In the centre of Çeşme is the Kanuni Kervansaray Hotel, formerly an Ottoman Caravanserai, built in the early Ottoman era by the order of Süleyman the Magnificant, which has been restored and is now a boutique hotel.  You can go and have a look around the hotel but we just glanced at the ceilings in the entrance, which are beautiful, on another trip we will have to have a look around.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

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