Monday, 21 May 2012

Streets Around Gülhanı Park and Aya Sofya, Istanbul, Turkey

Walking around the streets between Gülhanı Park and Aya Sofya, between the sights, sounds and smells your senses really get a work out.  But beware, if on the map it looks as if you only have to go a short distance, allow plenty of time to stop and look around, trying to look around and walk at the same time will result in you bumping into every one or falling down a high kerb or cracked and wonky paving slab.  Believe me, been there, done that, got the t-shirt!!

As we leave the main gate of the Gülhanı Park we are walking around the edge of the ornate walls of the Zeynep Sultan Mosque.  This mosque was built Mehmet Tahir Ağa in 1769 for Ahmed III's daughter Zeynep Asıme Sultan.  It has the feel of a Byzantine Church because of the style and materials used.

The tombs of Zeynep Sultan and the Ottoman Military Hero Alemdar Mustafa Pasha are both located within the mosque.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

We are now heading up Alemdar Caddesi (Street), with its tram line on the left of the picture.

This is one very impressive, and old Oriental Plane, growing in the central reservation.  We have one of these just outside our house, I am so glad that they are very slow growers!

Getting around Istanbul is very easy and cheap with its tram and rail system, but be prepared to stand for your journey and squashed as they are always packed.  I was amazed at how fast the trams hurtled around the streets, if the road ahead was clear, which was not always the case.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

Lokum or Turkish Delight Shops, always create a colourful, sweet and yummy display.  There will always be so samples waiting for you if you need a sugar fix on your travels.

Don't forget to venture or glance up the narrow, steep side streets that branch off most main roads, they are full of hidden gems, such as art shops, nik nak shops and coffee shops.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

The traditional Turkish cushions and nargile pipes always make for an interesting shot.

Looking back down Alemdar Caddesi (Street).

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