Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Small Cemetery Containing Grave of Ziya Gökalp, Istanbul, Turkey

While we were walking along Divan Yolu Cadessi (Street) there was a small fenced courtyard containing some graves, we had to go and have a look.  The grave that stood out the most was this one at the end of the main path.  It wasn't until I got home and looked up Ziya Gökalp, that I found out who he was.
Ziya Gökalp, born Mehmed Ziya in 1876, was a Turkish sociologist, writer, poet and political activist.  In his  sociologist role he was influential in the overhaul of religious perceptions and evolving of Turkish nationalism.

Here is the grave of Sadullah Paşa, born 1838, Minister of Trade and Agriculture in 1876 and later as the Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, in Vienna.

Other people buried here, include famous writers Ahmet Samim, Hassan Fehmi and Şeyh Bedrettin.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

This is the tomb of Sultan Mahmut II, it was completed in 1840, just after his death in 1839.  There is a chandelier in the tomb which was a gift from Queen Victoria I of England and gold gilded clocks on either side of the gate were gifts from Napolean III.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

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