Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kapalıçarşı (Grand Bazaar), Istanbul, Turkey

The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world, with 61 streets and over 3000 shops.  The Grand Bazaar is located within the walled city and construction of the core of the Grand Bazaar started during the winter of 1455/56 shortly after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople and construction of this part was completed in the winter of 1460/61.  Most of the remaining structure appears to have been completed from the second half of the 15th Century.

When walking around, it is difficult to decide where to look first, between people watching, looking in all of the colourful shops, and looking at the architecture, it will take you a while to walk around.  But beware, it can get very very busy and then not such fun.

At its height the Grand Bazaar had 67 roads, each bearing the name of the sellers of particular goods, several squares used for prayer, 5 mosques, 7 fountains and 18 gates with were opened and closed each day, at this stage, the market was not covered.

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Over the years the Grand Bazaar has experienced several calamities, fires and earthquakes.  The first fire was in 1515 others in 1548, 1588, 1618, 1645, 1652, 1658, 1660, 1687, 1688, 1695.  In 1696 due to new fire laws, several parts of the market had vaulted ceilings erected, but still there were further fires in 1701, 1750, 1791, 1943 and 1954.  An earthquake in 1766 also caused substantial damage and again in 1894.  At this point the overall size of the Grand Bazaar was reduced and the works were completed in 1898.  The last restorations on the Grand Bazaar took place in 1980.

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The small structure in the centre of the picture is a small kiosk built in 17th Century and used as a small cafe.

We have now left the undercover Grand Bazaar and are walking around some of the open streets.  In this shot is the Tarihi Subaşı Lokantası (restaurant) opened in 1959.  The restaurant is located under the Nuruosmaniye Mosque.

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I just had to take a photo of this column of pigeons.

This is Çemberlitas Square were we stopped for a well deserved glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

I took this photo for my husband, when we came across it he said 'Look the Holy Grail of Burger Kings'.

Another example of making sure you look down every side street you can, I loved this scene with the little blue and white Turkish Bath at the end.

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