Friday, 18 May 2012

Gülhanı Park, Istanbul, Turkey

After walking along the seafront we have now arrived at one of the entrances to the Gulhanı Parkı (Park), this is one of the largest and oldest public parks in Istanbul.  Gulhanı Park was once part of the outer garden of the Topkapı Palace until 1912 when this part was opened to the public.  Gulhanı Park was the first park in Istanbul to have a statue of Atatürk erected in 1926, sculpted by Heinrich Krippel.

It is reported that some of the trees in the park date back to the 1800s.  The trees are very tall and when we were there, in May, they were alive with the chatter of Green Parrots and nesting Storks, but they were very hard to catch a glimpse of as they were up so high and constantly on the move.

These Green Parrots had striking red beaks and long yellow tails.

The Storks were very busy backwards and forwards to their nests.

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One place to visit on this side of the park are the Çay (Tea) Gardens that over look the Sea of Marmara.  Here you can sit watching and hearing all of the shipping whilst enjoying tea served in the traditional way.

My husband enjoying a well earned cup of tea.

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Here is one of the many water fountains to be seen around Turkey, they are always worth a look at as they all vary in some way.

This water fountain was also being used as a perch for a Hooded Crow.

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May is also a lovely time of year to visit as a lot of the trees still have their blossom adding a lovely splash of colour to the varying greens of the trees and bushes.

The beautiful pink blossom of the Judas Tree.

They have some very large squirrels in this park!!

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At the bottom end of the park, nearest to the main gates, you can find a lovely decorative pool with fountains.

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As we leave the park and turn back you can see part of the main gate off Alemdar Caddesı (Street).

All Images Copyright 2000-2012 Janice Parr

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