Monday, 2 April 2012

Flora and Fauna around Didim, Altınkum and Akbuk

On a recent trip it was lovely to see all the wild flowers growing in the verges, it made me feel that at last winter is behind us.

I am not sure what these lovely yellow flowers are, the flower head had a texture of a dried flower but the leaves and stems had a white tinge to them and had a light furriness to them.

The Common Gorse always provides a welcome splash of yellow.

The Smooth Sow-thistle flower looks a lot like the common Dandelion except that the outside edge of the petals has a whiteness to them.

The delicate pink flowers of the Rock Rose (Cistus creticus) with their bright yellow centres and green leaves with a white tinge, the leaves remind me of Sage.

At first glance these Fressias appeared to be growing wild, but looking around where they were growing I could see what looked like garden rubbish which had been tipped.

These pretty Stocks were growing in a garden but I had to add them.

The Lesser Periwinkle a very delicate flower on a strong rambling plant, that will ramble everywhere.

I haven't been able to identify this small white flower yet, even though the petals are quite unusual in the way that the left side of each petal turns in on itself.

I was interested in the seaweed and a white shell just off the shore in this shot, but with the effect of the gentle movement of the sea it has made it look more like abstract art.

I have know idea what is in the next photo, I am not sure if it is a sea creature or sea plant, I think the large one may be dead as the other two smaller ones were anchored in the sand where this one was laying on the sand.

The lovely shades of purple and stripes of the Common Mallow, growing up against the kerb along the seafront.

Another one of the many Garden Anemone's growing under some olive trees.

All Images Copyright 2000-2011 Janice Parr

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