Monday, 2 April 2012

Around Didim and Altınkum, Turkey

On the road to Didim you have to keep stopping to admire the lovely coast line and its inlets.

I didn't think that there was much of a tide around this area, but by the looks of the boats in the shot they are still used but appear to be in very little water at the moment.

I always think that white buildings with the red clay tiles always add to this kind of landscape.

This seemed an unusual place to have a fairly new looking harbour as it was not particularly close to a village or town.

A 'Greater Spotted Ian', A.K.A. my husband.

I am not too sure how natural these rock formations are in this particular bay or if it is man made.

It does however, make for some interesting formations.

Now we are starting to see more sand in the beach areas.

I do like the layout of some of the man made harbours around here.

Finding an unusual object as part of your shot is always a bonus.

On most beaches you will find small boats pulled up on the shore, they are always add interest to a beach shot.

The Turkish word Orfoz translates as Grouper a type of sea fish.

I love the cheek of this little dog sitting laying on the beach under a sign saying 'No dogs on the beach'.

Have I missed something?  What is the connection between Jesus and watches?  I also love Turkeys honesty with their signs and the products they sell.

I think this may be the first post box I have seen here in Turkey, I love the shape and design.

I wonder if they have a tape measure at the door?

Is this the best pub around?

All Images Copyright 2000-2011 Janice Parr

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