Monday, 18 July 2011

House Sparrow

I managed to catch this shot of the Sparrow feeding on some bread crumbs with the crumbs in his beak and his little tongue sticking out.

All Images ©2000-2011 Janice Parr

This photo was taken using the canon EOS 1000D - Shutter Speed 1/197 sec - Portrait Mode - f/10 - ISO 400 - Focal Length 300mm.


  1. Amazing take!! For a couple of years, there were no sparrows to be seen in my city. I'm quite happy to tell you, that this year they are back and numerous and before, just in different parts than previously. Thanks for the awesome photo!

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  2. Thank you Jimmy, that is good to hear that they are back. I have read several reports that numbers are declining in the UK, but on our recent visit there were still plenty to be found.