Monday, 7 June 2010

Ionic Stoa

This picture was taken at the ancient ruins of Miletus.  The earliest history of Miletus, situated in Western Anatolia, Turkey, can be traced back to the 2nd Millennium B.C.  Settlers arrived from Crete in 1500 B.C.

What can be seen today has been partially restored, and shows the Ionic Stoa built in 50 A.D. by Emperor Tiberius Claudius Sophanes.  The structure originally had 35 columns in front and 19 shops at the rear.  The road in front was the processional 100 metre long sacred way which was built in the Roman period.

This photo was taken in the winter when much of the site is underwater due to the low lying land, which is not good for the ruins but makes some spectacular shots.

(c) Parr Photo Art

This photo was taken using the Canon EOS 350D.